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Wrinkle Reducing Treatments


What Is Beauty Tox?

The Celebrity Oxygen Facial Treatment

A firm favourite of celebrities, this is an alternative for people who would like to reduce the depth of lines and wrinkles but prefer not to have cosmetic injections.

Using scientifically proven peptides, it safely and naturally controls facial expressions, boosts collagen production and promotes cell renewal to generally reduce lines and wrinkles and give a youthful complexion.

Ageing skin’s loss of firmness and elasticity is partly related due to the breakdown of collagen. By increasing the production of collagen, signs of premature ageing within the skin are reduced, producing a more youthful appearing.

How Does This Treatment Work?

Using pulsed pressure of pure oxygen, Beauty-Tox is shot into the deepest dermal layers of the skin.

Penetrating to the muscle, it controls muscle contractions without completely diminishing facial expression. This toxin free equivalent to cosmetic injections reduces muscle contractions responsible for the formation of lines in the eye area, forehead and around the mouth.

To maintain the effects of this treatment, we recommend use of the Nora Bode Beauty Tox Products- Splendid Cream and Fast Response Fluid, if applied daily, will maintain the results.


What Are The 7 Steps Of an OXYjet Facial?






Deep Cleansing With OXYclear

Concentrated oxygen and Bio Blue Light cleanse the skin deep into the pores.

Diamond Peeling With OXYdiamond

Concentrated oxygen and diamond peel heads in different corn sizes remove cornifications and stimulate the skin.

Pulsed Pressure Injection with OXYjet

Wrinkle fillers and regenerating concentrates are shot deep into the problem areas of the skin by the pulsed oxygen pressure injection-without needles.

Cool Oxygen Lifting with CRYO2

The combination of concentrated oxygen and tingly fresh coldness tightens immediately

and acts like a contour lifting.

Lifting with OXYtone

The unique oxygen polyrotation head stimulates the face muscles and visibly lifts the face contours.

Spray Treatment with OXYspray

The gentle breeze of oxygen moisturizes and vitalizes the skin leaving it smooth and refreshed.

Light Therapy & Oxygen Breathing with BIO2light

Special wavelengths of coloured lights and pure oxygen regenerate and vitalize the skin-very gentle and effective.



Full Face Treatment

60 Minute Treatment-Without BI02 Light (70 Mins) £80

Course of 5 £360

90 Minute Treatment (100 Mins) £100

Course of 5 £450

(Courses must be used within 3 months)


Beauty Tox-Perfect Eye Zone Treatment

For those concerned only with lines on the forehead and around the eyes.

Includes the following:

Deep Cleansing With OXYclear

Diamond Peeling With OXY diamond

Pulsed Pressure Injection with OXYjet


30 Minute Treatment (40 Mins) £50

Course of 5 £225


Ultimate Eyelift Combination Therapy Treatment

CACI Eye Microlift With S.P.E.D. (30 Mins)      

& Eye OXYjet (30 Mins) (70 Mins)  £70 (Save £17.50)


Beauty Tox-Perfect Lip Volume Treatment

The ideal treatment for those who would like plumper lips. The treatment uses Perfect Volume Lip Filler Concentrate to increase collagen production, resulting in fuller lips.

Includes the following:

Pulsed Pressure Injection with OXYjet


20 Minute Treatment (30 Mins) £35

Course of 5 £157.50



Results will vary depending upon age and wrinkle depth but, on average, 5 treatments are required for optimum results and we carry out 1-2 treatments per week.



1 treatment is required, on average, every 4 weeks for OXYjet.