E Dermastamp Micro-Skin Needling

What Is Micro-Skin Needling?

The eDS Skin Rejuvenation treatment is an electronic, micro-skin needling procedure that stimulates your skin so that it will regenerate and repair itself naturally, resulting in smoother, brighter, younger and healthier looking skin.

How Does Micro-Skin Needling Work?

Also referred to as Dermapen, this precision designed, electrically powered medical device uses the most advanced German engineering to produce the best results.

The eDermastamp™ will produce thousands of micro-medical needle-columns in the skin.  Each column will penetrate into the dermis of the skin, stimulating the skin to regenerate and repair itself while closing rapidly enabling the skin to recover quickly.

Using the advanced technology and precision engineering of the eDermastamp™ device, the practitioner is able to control the intensity of the procedure by adjusting the needle depth and needle speed depending on the area being treated and the clinical condition of the skin.

This means the practitioner can deliver an even more intensive, even more controllable and even more comfortable medical skin-needling procedure!

What Skin Conditions Can We Treat?

It can be used as a key treatment in rejuvenating skin with the following conditions:

Acne scars

Photo-damaged and ageing skin

Facial and décolleté lines and wrinkles

Stretch marks

What Kind Of Results Can I Expect?

After the procedure your body will start to naturally regenerate and repair the skin, working below the surface of the dermis.  This takes time as new collagen is formed, new skin cells are generated and blood supply is enhanced.  It can take up to six weeks before visible signs of regeneration and repair are seen and the process will continue over the following months.

What Should I Expect During Treatment?

Treatments take approximately 90 minutes and we use a topical local anaesthetic cream to numb the area being treated, after cleansing & disinfecting the skin. A skin hydrating solution will be applied to the skin during the treatment and following treatment; a formulation to assist healing is applied. A high sun protection SPF50 is also applied and must be worn on a daily basis for at least 2 weeks.  The treated area will be red following treatment (like sunburn) but this will settle within a couple of days.


1 Treatment-Face Only (90 Mins) £150

Course Of 3 £405

1 Treatment-Face, Neck & Décolleté (120 Mins) £250

(Courses must be used within 6 months)


Results will vary depending upon age and wrinkle depth but on average 3 treatments are required for optimum results and we leave 6 weeks between treatments.


Results can then be maintained, as and when required, everyone is different.


Treatment Notes

We use a topical anesthetic cream before treatment, to ensure no discomfort is felt.


After treatment the area will be red and puffy, like sunburn, which usually will settle after a few days with some mild skin peeling.

Avoid All Sun Exposure & Use An SPF 50 Post eDS.

We recommend weekly use of our Home Roller  to aid penetration of our speciality Anti Ageing Serums.

We also recommend that everyone on a Zest For Life Anti Ageing Programme takes our ZENii Beauty Fusion Collagen Liquid Supplement for best results.

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